Kelly Found Her Strength!

kelly Strong!Name: Kelly
Age: 31
Member Since: May 2016
Fitness Stats: -18.6 lbs; -13.5 inches; -3.1% body fat

In Kelly’s Words: Absolutely LOVE Nerdy Girl Fitness and Patti! Seriously the best thing I could have ever done for myself. I have learned how to eat and work out correctly. Most importantly I have learned that I CAN do this for me!!

 In Patti’s Words:

Kelly is a rock-star! I’ve seen Kelly totally transform both physically and mentally! She pushes hard throughout every workout, inspires others, and never stops. I was so impressed with Kelly that I asked her to go through our trainer internship program to become a personal trainer … she passed with flying colors. I’m happy to announce that Kelly will be teaching the Thursday evening sessions at Nerdy Girl Fitness!

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