Finally! A Dover, NH Fitness Program for Women That Gives You the Permanent Results That You Deserve – Once and For All.

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Move Better. Feel Better. Live Better.

Tone muscle, lose weight, get energy, increase flexibility and more…

Nerdy Girl Fitness is an all-inclusive fitness and wellness training program where you work with one of our expert personal fitness coaches in group format. This eliminates the intimidation of traditional gyms and allows you to get the best training available.

Plus, we’re the only women’s studio in Dover, NH that combines health coaching, nutrition coaching, and group fitness training all in one!

This program is a fun, results guaranteed and you will start to feel like part of our fitness family in no time! Just ask one of our current members!

Your fitness level does not matter, you WILL get results no matter what fitness level you are at.

Not sure where to start?

Book a Success Session or 15 minute Discovery Call with Patti to learn how our program can help you!

Our 3 Pillar Success System

There is no way you can fail with our 3 pillar success system approach

Functional fitness coaching

Your workout should never hurt you. Our functional, fat blasting workouts, will get you looking and feeling great while preventing injury. Every session is lead by a Certified Personal Trainer who will monitor your form and modify the workout for all fitness levels.

Easy, family friendly, targeted nutrition

Eating healthy doesn’t mean eating ‘rabbit food’. Burn inches of body fat off your body by learning to enjoy real food… cooking with quick recipes… and simplifying nutrition so you never fall back into old, bad habits again.

Accountability & nerdy girl support

You can’t fail when you have the support and accountability from a group of like-minded women on your side. Our Accountability Coaches will keep you on track so you can finally achieve your fitness and health goals!

Just a Few of Our Amazing Member Results

Our team gives each member the tools they need to change themselves for the better.