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Be Honest... How Many Times Have You Started The New Year Motivated And Ready To Transform Your Body,
Only To Drop Out By February?

Discover How Past Fitness "Dropouts" Are Burning Fat, Losing Weight & Shaping Up With Our 6-Week
“Fail-Proof” New Year Transformation & Fat Loss Formula in Dover, NH

Don't make the mistake of choosing the wrong fitness program or even worse, going to the gym on your own! 

Our Commitment & Iron-Clad Guarantee

Our 2019 New Body Project Program has been designed and tested to help you achieve the results you want - faster and easier than ever imagined. Our reputation for being the last stop for fitness success is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Absolutely love your results at the end of your New Body Project Program, or you don't pay. The only thing you have to lose is the fat!

Can You Say "Yes" to 3 or More of these Questions?

  • Have you ever started and then quit on your fitness "New Year Resolutions" that you've created in the past?
  • Are you tired of trying to lose the same 15-30 pounds, year in and year out?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable with the way your clothes fit and dread having to buy the next size up?
  • Do you start your morning with low energy and it only gets worse as the day goes on?
  • Do you crave and give in to sweets and junk food, even when you know that you'll regret it afterwards?
  • Does your motivation to get in better shape only last a few weeks?
  • Do you get bored of diet plans and diet foods?
  •  Does your stomach feel constantly bloated?
  • Do you get out of breath and sweat easily?
  • Do you wish you could find your perfect program that will not only help you get great results but also is funexciting and sustainable?

If You Answered YES to at Least 3 Questions, Then My  2019
New Body Project Program Could Be Your Perfect Solution!

Hi, I'm Patti Fousek and I help women in Dover, NH transform their bodies and lives to help them become a more confident, fitter, healthier, and stronger version of themselves!

Every single day we get to help women breakthrough the yo-yo failure cycle and finally attain their ultimate fitness goals.

Whether you landed here on purpose or by chance - I'm glad you found us, and I would love the opportunity to be your coach and help you achieve your fitness goals once and for all!

Right now we are looking for our next amazing success story - and the way we're going to do that is through our 2019 New Body Project Program!

Since the program starts on January 21, 2019, and since we can only take on a limited number of new clients, and since it's only $5.92 a day - we're expecting to sell out FAST!

Plus! If you register BEFORE January 9th, you will receive the following Early Bird Bonuses:

Early Bird Bonus #1: $50 off registration fee!

Early Bird Bonus #2: Bring a friend for 50% off!

Your price is only $199! Only two payments of $99.50. Again, no money is required today!

Our New Body Project Program includes:

  • A complimentary Functional Movement Screen ($97 value)
  • Unlimited group training sessions for 42 days 
  • 2019 New Year Success Manual ($297 value)
  • Access to our private Facebook group (priceless)
  • Complete Meal Plan Recipe Guide
  • Daily Motivation
  • Tracking & Accountability

Challenge starts 1/21/19

The "2019 New Body Project" is our results-focused program where we guide you through a proven system of exercise, simple nutritional adjustments, and mindset and motivational coaching - designed to help you accomplish your fitness goals in less time and with ZERO frustration.

Because our most successful clients start with one of our transformation programs, it's no surprise we always sell out every time we run them. 

Are you ready to end the endless yo-yo weight loss cycle and finally reach the fitness goals and make 2019 one of the best years of your life!?

Claim Your Spot Before It's Too Late... FREE Registration Closes In . . . 


If you've been struggling with your weight...
If you've been struggling with not feeling energetic and vibrant...
And if you've been struggling with not feeling confident about your body...

Don't wait another minute to get started, take the first step and reserve your spot RIGHT NOW!

Our Proven Fat Loss Program Only Includes What You Need

Personalized Fat Loss Training

We know everyone is different, and that is why we customize each workout to your individual needs giving you the perfect workout
every time.

Custom Nutrition Plan

You can't "Out - Train" a bad diet. So we took out all the guess work and will provide you with what to eat, how much and how often. It is literally fool proof.

Guaranteed Results

Our program was designed for YOU.  We made every step convenient and easy to implement. We know our program works, and that's why we guarantee results!

Does This Program Actually Work?

The most common feeling when people first learn about our 2019 New Body Project Program is skepticism...

Does this program actually work?

And to be honest, if I hadn't seen, first hand, the amazing results our clients experienced every time we run a challenge; I would be skeptical too...

I don't want you to take our word for it on whether our 2019 New Body Project Program works or not...

Instead, just look at some of the incredible proof-positive pictures form our recent Transformation Challenges.

With TRANSFORMATIONS like these, there's no doubting why our programs fills up every time we run them.

We'd love for YOU to be our next success story!

The First Step Is . . . 

Step One

Nothing happens until you make a DECISION. So step 1 is deciding and taking action by claiming a spot in our 2019 New Body Project Program.

To claim your spot, click the big button that says "Reserve My Spot NOW"

Step ​Two

Congratulations, the first step was actually the hardest. Now all you need to do is COMMIT to following the simple plan we will lay out for you for the next 42 days.

Many people have successfully blazed this path before you, all you need to do is follow one step at a time - all the way to your goals. And... we can guarantee your results based on our proven track record for success.

Step ​​Three

The next 42 days will come and go regardless of what we do. But if you DECIDE and then COMMIT, you will truly have something to CELEBRATE at the end of your 2019 New Body Project Program.

Can it be that simple? Yes. Yes it is!

No More Guessing, EVER!

When you join the 2019 New Body Project Program, we literally remove ALL of the guesswork you have to do with other programs...

and we give you a complete, detailed program with the exact steps you need to take to get amazing results in just 42 days. 

But This Program Isn't For Everyone...

At Nerdy Girl Fitness we have a reputation for being the "last stop for fitness results!"

We're proud of this reputation and attribute it to only working with women who are 100% ready to change their lives.

If you are not ready to jump in head first, prepared to do the work - then unfortunately this program isn't for you...

But if you are fed up with not feeling like you're living up to your potential, then our 2019 New Body Project Program is the perfect solution for you!

Right now, we're accepting applications (link is below). Once you apply and reserve your spot (we are only letting 20 people in), we will contact you for a quick chat to make sure we are a good fit for each other. There's absolutely ZERO obligation to join. 

From there, the last step is getting you enrolled and scheduling your first session!

It's that easy. Click the button below to reserve your spot (it's free to apply).

Take the 1st Step & Reserve Your Spot Right Now


What Can You Expect in 42 Days?

Although everyone's outcomes are going to be different, some of the most common results we see in just 42 days are...

  • Lose Weight Without Counting Calories
  • Drop Inches From Your Entire Body
  • Rev up You Metabolism to Burn Fat Faster
  • Tighten and Tone Your Body
  • Feel Energized, Vibrant and Strong
  • Firm Up Hips & Thighs & Behind
  • Tone Your Shoulders, Back & Arms (no more bat-wings)
  • Target Belly Fat Specifically
  • Get Rid of That Holiday Bloat
  • Ditch the Carb and Sugar Cravings
  • Glow With Total CONFIDENCE When You Put On Your Bathing Suit!

What You're Going To Get . . .

Results Driven Workout Sessions

In the 42 days we customize your workouts around YOUR body and YOUR abilities. These are NOT cookie cutter programs that you'll see in the magazine's at the grocery store. We take into account how you move and what you're capable of, and we build YOUR workout plan around YOU to ensure that you get the best results as quickly and safely as possible. All we're asking is to see you in here 3x per week...that's it!

$597 value 

Done-For-You Nutrition Plan

Yes, this is one of the MAJOR components of this program. We all know it's about the diet (hate that word) but we are going to make sure you follow scientifically proven systems that will still have you eating real food, and plenty of it. In fact we will cover so much nutrition that there is no way we won't find a meal plan or program that works for YOU, YOUR life, and YOUR schedule. 

$297 value

2019 New Year Success Manual

Don't you ever wish that you had a book to tell you everything that you wanted to know about what you're going though, why it happened, and what you can expect to happen over the course of your weight loss journey?  Well that's EXACTLY what we give you in our New Year Success Manual!  It's loaded with pro strategies and tips to help you achieve maximum results in a short period of time.


Our Commitment & Iron-Clad Guarantee

Our 2019 New Body Project Program has been designed and tested to help you achieve the results you want - faster and easier than ever imagined. Our reputation for being the last stop for fitness success is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Absolutely love your results at the end of your New Body Project Program, or you don't pay. The only thing you have to lose is the fat!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Nerdy Girl Fitness

115A Industrial Park Drive

Dover, NH 03820



What are your class/session times?

We have morning sessions and evening sessions.

Mornings: Monday - Thursday: 7 am, 8 am, 9 am; Friday 8 am & 9 am; Saturday 7:30 am, 8:30 am; Every other Sunday at 9 am

Evenings: Monday - Friday: 4:15pm, 5pm, 5:45pm

What's the difference between this and a boot camp?

Unlike boot camps, we can customize your workout for your body and your goals. We use a Functional Movement Screen to assess basic movement patterns to identify tightness and weakness in the body - before they become a problem. This allows us to customize our programs to YOU, and prevent injuries you may receive from other programs out there, like a boot camp. 

Our workouts are called "Metabolic Conditioning" which is scientifically designed to burn twice the amount of fat in shorter time than spending hours a the gym doing boring cardio. 

All of our workouts incorporate strength training, cardiovascular movements, and core work to give you a well rounded program. 

Every other week, we add in PIYO (a yoga and Pilates inspired workout), and a Flexibility and Mobility session!

If I am out of shape can I still do the program?

Absolutely! Since we customize our programming based on the individual, you CAN definitely do our program!

How does the guarantee work?

We have specially designed our program to get you results before you commit to a full membership. If (somehow!) you follow our program to a "T" and don’t get results during the challenge, you can always use our money back guarantee for a full refund, no questions asked. 

How many sessions can I attend per week?

You can attend as many sessions as you like. We suggest a minimum of 3 a week. Any less than that, and you may not receive the results you're hoping for. 

What do I need to know before attending my first session?

Before you can attend your first session, you will receive an orientation in a group format. We will review the entire program with you and do your initial Functional Movement Screen. 

Does it include accountability too?

Yes! We hold you to a higher standard than you may hold yourself, because if you're not accountable to someone... only YOU know if you did, or did not workout. Our entire focus is on getting you results. That’s why we have developed a progress tracking system for all of our clients. We will always know what’s working and what’s not.  And let's face it, we've all signed up for a "Gym," gone for a few days / weeks, and then poof... fall right back into our old habits. Well not here at Nerdy Girl Fitness! We'll call, email, and text you if we don't see you, so you better be ready for some commitment!

When does my program official start?

The program officially starts on January 21st. However, you will be required to attend an orientation session first. There will be a few scheduled between January 13-18, 2019.

What if I have more questions?

Simply call us at 603-834-9952, or email admin@nerdygirlfitnessnh.com. 


Our Location

We are located at:

115 Industrial Park Drive

Suites A & B

Dover, NH 03820

(Directly across from UPS)

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