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December 4, 2018

Top 10 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain – Part 1

It’s no secret that many people gain 5 – 15 pounds from November 1 – December 31st. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

For the past 4 years, I’ve developed a strategy that I teach my clients that help them avoid holiday weight gain. In fact, many of them lose weight during the holidays instead of gaining it!

Is it really possible to enjoy the holidays without adding on the pounds? You bet!

The goal here is to actually maintain your current weight.

Here are 3 of my top 10 tips to help you maintain your weight and avoid Holiday weight gain:

Tip #1

Get Moving!

I encourage our clients to never skip workouts, especially around the holidays. It’s tempting to do so due to busy schedules, holiday parties, shopping, etc. But do your very best to get in at least 3-4 workouts a week.

These workouts don’t need to be structured either. Go for a speed walk for 20 minutes; follow along to an exercise video on Youtube; do a quick 15 minute HIIT workout at home; or come to Nerdy Girl Fitness.

Keep the intensity of your workouts high… meaning… make sure you sweat!

Tip #2

Don’t Go Hungry!

Many of us have learned, and practiced, the snafu of saving your calories for the holiday party or dinner with friends. I call this a snafu because we were taught wrong.

Never, ever, ever go hungry for the sake of saving calories for a larger meal at the end of the day.

Instead, what you want to do is practice clean eating up to the time you go to the party or dinner.


First, you’re setting yourself up to binge eat, which is never a good idea. Second, when you eat low calorie, or skip meals, your body goes into survival mode and will store everything you eat as body fat. So, even though you feel like your not eating as many calories, you’ll still gain body fat.

Tip #3:

Drink Water!

Aim for half your body weight in ounces a day at a minimum! And, when you head to the party or dinner, drink at least 8 oz of water 30 minutes before you eat or drink anything else.


Water is not only beneficial for hydration of the body, but by drinking a glass 30 minutes before you eat or drink anything else will help ensure that you do not over indulge. Also, many of us feel hungry when we are actually thirsty. So, drinking water will help satisfy the hunger feelings a little longer helping you to stay on track.

Need more help? Download our Holiday Survival Manual for FREE!

October 22, 2018

Nerdy Girl is Moving on November 1st!

I’m so excited to announce that on November 1st, we will open our doors in more spacious studio at 115 Industrial Park Drive in Dover (click here for map and directions).

The new 2,000 square foot location (an upgrade from 1,200) has a huge (and FREE) parking lot, and we will have a changing room!

Since I opened Nerdy Girl on 9/15/15, your loyal support has helped us grow, and now we need more space to serve you better. The previous cramped studio and limited parking were unacceptable. We have been looking for a new home for the past few months and are happy to inform you we found it.

We will still be operating in our current Central Ave. location until 10/30/18 (we will be closed on Halloween for final moving).

We will be having a Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday, November 17th from 11am – 4pm where we will be demoing our offerings and raffling off a 6 month membership. Click here for details ​!

If you have any questions about the new location or our services, please call us and we’ll be happy to help. We look forward to seeing you at our new location.

To your success,


September 12, 2018

Announcing our Mission 100! A FREE personalized Best Shape Blueprint for 100 Women!

This month is the 3 year anniversary of when I launched Nerdy Girl Fitness, so I wanted to do something BIG to celebrate.

My mission is to help 100 women in the Dover and surrounding area to reach their health and fitness goals.

Here’s what I’ve decided to do to make that happen:

First, I’ll meet with these 100 women either in person, or online, to find out their goals, as well as the obstacles that have prevented them from achieving their goals in the past.

Then, I’m going to give them a Custom Best Shape Blueprint that can be followed anywhere – at home, at another gym, or at Nerdy Girl Fitness. This program will set them on the right path to finally achieve the goals that have eluded them until now in a safe and effective manner.

I want YOU to be one of these 100 women!

Oh Yeah, it’s completely FREE!

There is no cost or obligation at all. I’d just love your help in achieving my Mission 100. If you’re ready to receive a Free Custom Best Shape Blueprint that will help you finally reach your health and fitness goals, simply register by completing the form here; then you’ll receive a confirmation email with instructions on scheduling your Success Session.

There’s no catch, no obligation and definitely nothing to buy.

This is for current clients, previous clients, Facebook followers and strangers…

If you have goals that haven’t been met, Let’s Talk!

Committed to Your Success,


How 3 Ladies Overcame Obstacles to Meet their Fitness Goals

Summer parties, vacations and BBQ’s, kid schedules, surgeries, illnesses, stress, life change events, and weight loss misconceptions. All things the winners of our 8-week Game Changer Challenge overcame in order to reach their fitness goals.

Larissa, the winner of our challenge, recommitted to her health after getting off track due to the passing of her mom earlier this year.

Larissa took this challenge very seriously. She worked very hard, not only in the studio, but at home, due to a very busy schedule, and spending time with her two young boys doing summertime activities. Larissa is proof that goals can be met even with a very busy schedule.  In just 8 weeks, she lost a total of 17 lbs, 11 inches, and 4% body fat! What a great transformation!

Candace, our 2nd place winner, regained her motivation after being sick with bronchitis for a few months. During the challenge, she slowly got back into her workouts, and really pushed herself.

A few weeks into the challenge, Candace hit a plateau. She wasn’t losing any weight on the scale. Sound familiar?

We worked with Candace to focus more on how her body felt and how her clothes were fitting and to stop worrying about that number on the scale.

At the end of the challenge, Candace was down 6% body fat and 11.5 inches! While the scale showed a 4.5 lb loss, she actually had gained 4 lbs of muscle, which means she lost 8.5 lbs of fat! See what happens when we stop focusing on the number on the scale!

Monica, our 3rd place winner, was a little skeptical at the beginning of the challenge. She couldn’t understand how eating more carbs one day and lower the next day would burn fat. But, she was determined to lose the belly fat she gained after recovering from abdominal surgery.

Monica followed our plan to a “T”, worked out in the studio 4 times each week, and was also active the other days doing Pilates and bike riding,

Her dedication to her health really shows! Look at how baggy her shirt is in her after pic! By the end of the 8 weeks, Monica had lost 13.4 lbs, 9 inches, and 2.3% body fat!

If you’d like to achieve results like these, write “Show me the fat loss” in a comment, or email Patti at today!

Julie is a Less-Stressed Mom [Member Success Story]

JulieS B&A-July2018Name: Julie S.
Age: 37
Member Since: October, 2017
Biggest Success: More happy, and less stressed mom!

Julie, a working mom of 3, started at Nerdy Girl Fitness during a 28 day challenge that her sister Candace (also a member) suggested she join.

Prior to joining Nerdy Girl, Julie never liked to exercise (actually never made time for it), felt stressed out all the time, and felt like a “crazy mom”.

During her 28 day challenge, Julie lost 4 lbs, 6 inches and 1.9 % body fat. But, that was just the beginning.

It wasn’t until Julie took our Game Changer Challenge, where we focus on carb cycling, that the fat totally melted off! To date, Julie has lost a total of 16.5 lbs; 13.5 inches, and 5.7% body fat!

In Julie’s words:

I’m much more happy and less stressed. I feel less like a ‘crazy mom,’ although, my kids may disagree.

I never thought in a million years I would tell people how much I love working out! I have never felt better in my life as I do today.

Congratulations, Julie!

Create your own success story by scheduling a no-obligation Success Session!

Burn More Fat With These Smoothies!


Mango Smoothie

If you like mango fruit, then you will love this fun smoothie! It only uses a few simple ingredients and is very easy to make. Plus, it includes multiple ingredients that help to burn fat, including the mango, lime juice, and avocado. Don’t worry; it won’t taste like a vegetable. The sweetness of the fruit far outweighs the flavor of the avocado. Just get out your blender and add mango pieces, a mashed avocado, vanilla yogurt, and lime juice. You can add a little bit of sugar if you want, but it is not needed. Finish it off with some ice or half a frozen banana.

Citrus Smoothie

You can also use your favorite citrus fruits and combine them with ice and your choice of dairy product to make a sweet, creamy smoothie that helps you to lose weight. Some citrus fruits that usually go good are lemons, oranges, and grapefruit, but go ahead and use any combination of fruits you have at home. You want to make it creamy with a little bit of yogurt and some skim milk. You can use flavored yogurt like lemon, or just plain fat-free yogurt. Add some ice and a little flaxseed for added fat burning potential.

Berry Smoothie

Berries are at the top of the list for fruits that help to burn more fat and calories. Strawberries in particular contain a lot of antioxidants and are high in fiber, which helps you to increase your fat burning. You can make a simple smoothie with strawberries and other berries, with skim milk, yogurt, and flaxseed oil. For a thicker smoothie, add some oats to it.

Blueberry Smoothie

Another version of the berry smoothie is one that contains blueberries. This provides a slightly different flavor, but the same health benefits of a strawberry or mixed berry smoothie. Plus, blueberries contain a lot of nutrients and antioxidants that make it a popular superfood. Blueberries taste great just with milk or yogurt and ice, but you can also add in raw honey or frozen banana instead of ice.

Try out your own combinations using these and other fruits.

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