Healthy Fat-Burning Dinners For Your Family

family_dinnerWhen it comes to dinner, you aren’t just feeding yourself, but your family as well. If you are trying to lose weight, this can be difficult because you don’t want to make two separate meals. Luckily, there are some healthy and delicious dinners that your family will love, but that also burn more fat and help you to stay on track.

Salmon, Veggies, and Nuts

Salmon is one of the best types of protein you can eat. It is easy to cook, low in fat and calories, and delicious for everyone in the family. It will be light enough for you and help to burn fat, but your family will enjoy the delicious maple flavor. You can use maple syrup and vinegar plus a little Dijon mustard to make a marinade for the salmon that really brings out its flavors. Combine this salmon with your choice of veggies, whether you go with green beans and mushrooms, broccoli and cauliflower medley, or a side salad. Top the salad with some chopped walnuts and almonds for crunch and added nutrients.

White Bean Chili

The reason this is a good dinner is because your family gets to enjoy chili with their own side, like their favorite type of rolls, while you get something hearty and nutritious. The white bean chili doesn’t use any meat in it unless you want to add some turkey or chicken, which makes it on the lighter side. It contains beans, lentils, and spices that burn more fat, like the white beans, quinoa, and some turmeric and ginger in there. You can add in any other spices or veggies that you want. Serve it alone or with a side salad.

Turkey Burgers

If you are looking for a high-protein dinner that is going to fill you up, but also make your family happy, try making some turkey burgers. Ground turkey when using the right seasonings, doesn’t take that different from beef. Your spouse and kids probably won’t even miss the beef! However, if you want lighter burgers but keep some of that beef flavor in, try doing half turkey and half beef. Combine it together and place them on a skillet or grill them up. Skip the cheese and mayonnaise, and instead use mustard which burns fat, along with plenty of vegetables and lettuce on the burger. Serve it with any healthy side dish your family will enjoy.

July 18, 2018

Fruits and Veggies That Help to Burn Fat

For a well-balanced diet, you need to have plenty of fruits and veggies in addition to your lean protein and whole grains. Luckily, they are not only low in fat and nutritious, but many of them actually help to burn more fat.

High Fiber Fruits

fruitThere are many fruits that are nutritious and good for you, which most of them containing vitamins and minerals that will be good overall. However, not all fruits are equal in terms of how well they burn fat and help you lose weight. When you want to burn more fat with your fruit, look for ones that have a lot of fiber, as this is going to help fill you up, improve your digestion, plus burn more of your body fat. To start with, have more apples. These are low in sugar, high in flavor and high in fiber.

You can also have your fill of berries, which are loaded with antioxidants and burn fat as well. These also happen to be low-carb approved, so if you are on a low carb diet, you can still enjoy them. Go for strawberries and blueberries first, then raspberries and other types. Avocados often get confused with being a vegetable, but they are actually fruit. They also boost your metabolism and are a good healthy fat to enjoy. Finally, add grapefruit to the list, which helps you to burn fat and has loads of vitamin C.

Nutrient Dense Vegetables

Now for the best fat burning vegetables. You definitely want to add as many veggies to your diet as you can, opting for frozen or fresh whenever possible. Try to avoid canned vegetables as they typically have a lot of sodium that you don’t want or need.

The vegetables with the best fat burning abilities are those that contain the most nutrients. To start with, try adding more chili peppers and bell peppers to your diet. They have a high amount of fiber and plenty of vitamin C and vitamin A. Broccoli is also high in fiber and contains the same nutrients.

Kale is one of the best leafy greens to add to your diet, helping to burn fat and providing you with calcium, protein, and fiber. Don’t forget about lentils, which are going to help improve your digestion and improve weight loss at the same time. Luckily, all of these veggies are delicious and easy to add to your meals.

Fill Up on These Fat-Burning Lunch Ideas

When it comes time for lunch, you want to keep that metabolism up by choosing ingredients that will help you to keep burning more fat for the rest of the day. These lunches provide a good balance of nutrients that are going to help you stay on track around midday.

chicken_vegsGrilled Chicken and Veggies

It doesn’t get much simpler than this! You can make a grilled chicken dinner the night before and save leftovers for lunch, or grill some chicken cutlets, slice them up, and put them in individual containers for lunches. You can also try using a rotisserie chicken and cutting it up for your lunches. Choose your choice of veggies for this healthy lunch, such as going with summer veggies like corn, squash, and zucchini, or you can add a southwestern flair by adding in some bell peppers, black beans, corn, and tomatoes. There is really a lot of room for customization with this type of healthy, fat burning lunch.

Turkey and Avocado Sandwich

This sandwich can be made either as a simple cold sandwich, or into a melt like a grilled cheese. IF you want to do a melt, you can make it an open-faced sandwich on the grill and use just one slice of cheese on one slice of bread. The other half of the bread can contain the lunch meat and avocado, plus any other veggies you want. When both slices are heated up and browned, remove them from the grill and press them together. It is super easy! You can customize this with any deli meat or veggies you want.

Quinoa Salad

Here is another healthy and delicious lunch that is light enough for a quick lunch, but is also filling. Quinoa is a type of grain that contains a lot of protein and iron, plus can be combined with just about anything. You can have just quinoa and chopped veggies, add in some lean protein, or top a bed of lettuce and veggies with the cooked quinoa. It is very versatile with a mild nutty flavor that goes great with a lot of other seasonings and herbs. Plus, as a whole grain, quinoa and the veggies you mix it with are going to be perfect for burning more fat. If you make quinoa for dinner and have some leftover, add it to a container to use for a lunch later in the week.

June 28, 2018

Fat-Burning Workouts for a Flat Tummy

Just about everyone wants a flatter tummy, but just losing weight isn’t always going to get you there. You also need to add certain workouts that help you to target the right areas. These workouts are perfect for getting a flat tummy.

Side Plank

side_plankYou already know that a regular plank is great for burning fat and is awesome for your core, arms and legs, but for a flat tummy, a side plank is even better. This isn’t the easiest move to pull off, and does take practice. But the more often you try it, the stronger you get, and the better you will be. Plus for every practice session, you are working out muscles that burn fat and flatten your tummy more and more. The side plank is done by lying on one side and resting on your elbow, then putting the opposite hand on the other shoulder or on the hip. Hold it for a few seconds, then switch to the other side.

Reverse Plank

Another plank exercise that is good for a flat tummy and will burn more fat is the reverse plank, sometimes referred to as a plank hover. This is also similar to a plank but with a few modifications that help to work more muscles. Instead of your face close to the ground, you are doing it the other direction. You can start it by sitting on the ground with your feet facing forward. You want to put your hands on the ground and try to lift your body up to where your hips are a little bit off the ground. Hold it for a few seconds and release. Try a few repetitions if you can.

Alligator Drag

This last move is not a plank, but it works just as many muscles and is perfect for getting a flat tummy. You are going to work out your entire core, plus you will work on upper and lower body muscles at the same time. You need a good amount of ground to use, up to 20 yards as you are going to be moving ahead of you. You also need something to help you slide across the floor, like a plastic bag or towel. Get into a full pushup on the ground, then put the objects under your feet. You are going to walk and slide forward, then walk backward.

Fat-Burning Snack Ideas

If your mission is to lose weight, then burning fat should be at the top of your list. One way to do this is by picking some good fat-burning snacks. The following snacks are really easy to grab and take with you, but also burn lots of fat and get you on the path of weight loss.


Figs are a type of fruit that not many people are familiar with. They have a lot of fiber, are sweet like some of your other favorite fruits, and can fill you up quickly. Figs help you to curb your cravings and reduce your appetite by filling you up, but they also help to burn fat at a faster rate. They are ideal when you are trying to find an easy snack you can just grab on your way out the door, but something light that is going to help you burn fat during the day. You can get either fresh or dried figs.

Kale Chips

Another type of snack that is healthy and will also help to burn more fat is kale chips. These can be purchased in a health food store, or you can easily make them yourself. By making them on your own, you reduce the sodium and other additives, plus you save quite a bit of money. All you need to do is cut kale into smaller pieces, put it on a cookie sheet and drizzle olive oil with some sea salt and pepper. Bake them for about 15 minutes or until crisp and store in a plastic bag or container. These are filling and super low in fat, plus kale is great for burning more fat.


pistachiosIn terms of nuts, pistachios are one of the most delicious, and also happen to be one of the best options when you want to burn more fat. Sure, they might be a little higher in calories than what you are used to, but this is healthy fat. Eating them as a snack keeps the carbs low and your protein and energy high. Put them in portion bags that you can quickly grab and throw in your purse or lunch bag on your way out the door. This will prevent you from over-indulging in them, but make sure you always have a healthy snack with you.



Avocado is another fat-burning food that is easy to enjoy as a snack. Open up an avocado and just sprinkle some salt on it, or you can enjoy it mashed with some salsa, similar to avocado. Dip some veggies in it and you’re good to go.

Fat-Burning Breakfast Ideas!

egg_scrambleAs you know, breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. It keeps you full and gives you energy, which is important when you want to become a fat-burning machine. Here are some fat-burning breakfast ideas to try out.

Egg Scramble

Eggs are a great source of protein and provide some excellent fat burning properties. A simple way to make eggs in the morning is to scramble up some eggs with a little low-fat cheese and your choice of chopped veggies. Some good options are bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and mushrooms.

Blueberry Oatmeal Pancakes

Here is a super simple way to have a filling breakfast that burns more fat and calories, while also being delicious. Just because you are trying to eat healthier and are careful about your nutrition, doesn’t mean you can’t still have pancakes. You just might want to go from traditional buttermilk pancakes with butter and syrup, and instead have this healthier alternative. These pancakes are made with some of the regular pancake ingredients, like vanilla extract and eggs. Then you will use low-fat cottage cheese, rolled oats, and blueberries. For the top, combine yogurt with maple syrup.

Fruit Smoothie

Smoothies are easy to make in the morning when you need a grab-and-go option, but they can also be really good for you and contain fat burning ingredients. The trick here is to include ingredients that are known to burn fat, like high fiber fruits like strawberries and mango, low-fat dairy products, and greens like kale or spinach. You can make a fruit smoothie with tropical fruits like pineapple and mango, or go traditional with a mixed berry smoothie of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Also remember that you can use frozen bananas instead of ice, which make the smoothie cold but also add some creaminess to it.

Almond Butter Toast

Here is another fast and easy breakfast that fills you up and burns more fat at the same time. Use whole grain bread for your toast, which on its own is great for fat burning. You will then use some almond butter on top instead of regular butter or peanut butter. On top of that, add some sliced banana. For more flavor, you can drizzle some raw honey on top, but it isn’t necessary and that adds more sugar that you might not want. One big slice of almond butter toast with banana slices can be under 300 calories, so it is a good size for a breakfast.