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September 24, 2018

7 Lies about weight loss

You may be surprised, maybe not? Maybe you have thought these were in fact true. Lie #1: You have to count calories to lose weight. False. Lie #2: You have to eat less and go on a diet. False. Lie #3: You have to do insane exercise programs. False. Lie #4: Carbs make you fat. […]

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How 3 Ladies Overcame Obstacles to Meet their Fitness Goals

Summer parties, vacations and BBQ’s, kid schedules, surgeries, illnesses, stress, life change events, and weight loss misconceptions. All things the winners of our 8-week Game Changer Challenge overcame in order to reach their fitness goals. Larissa, the winner of our challenge, recommitted to her health after getting off track due to the passing of her mom […]

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