Crystine M.- Queen Nerd May 2019

Name: Crystine M.
Age: 71
Member Since: December 2017
Queen Nerd for May 2019

Crystine, a retired New Hampshire native, started at Nerdy Girl Fitness during a 21 day challenge. Since joining, she has also successfully participated in two other challenges.

Prior to joining Nerdy Girl, Crystine suffered from very painful knees, and was told she needed knee replacement surgery. “…the varied, challenging and fun workouts are hugely improving my balance, strength, flexibility and cardio, AND I have decreased discomfort in my arthritic knees  – huge win!” Now she is able to enjoy the outdoors and throw balls tennis balls for the family dogs. And… her orthopedic said he would hold off on the knee replacement surgery!

What does Crystine like most about Nerdy Girl Fitness?

“…the fun and camaraderie from working out with my Nerdy Girl peers – wonderful, friendly and encouraging women!   [The trainers] consistently inspire me to exercise to my fullest and participate in the effective nutrition programs and seminars.  As a result, I love that I actually WANT to exercise and eat healthy instead of just feeling I should.”

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