How 3 Ladies Overcame Obstacles to Meet their Fitness Goals

Summer parties, vacations and BBQ’s, kid schedules, surgeries, illnesses, stress, life change events, and weight loss misconceptions. All things the winners of our 8-week Game Changer Challenge overcame in order to reach their fitness goals.

Larissa, the winner of our challenge, recommitted to her health after getting off track due to the passing of her mom earlier this year.

Larissa took this challenge very seriously. She worked very hard, not only in the studio, but at home, due to a very busy schedule, and spending time with her two young boys doing summertime activities. Larissa is proof that goals can be met even with a very busy schedule.  In just 8 weeks, she lost a total of 17 lbs, 11 inches, and 4% body fat! What a great transformation!

Candace, our 2nd place winner, regained her motivation after being sick with bronchitis for a few months. During the challenge, she slowly got back into her workouts, and really pushed herself.

A few weeks into the challenge, Candace hit a plateau. She wasn’t losing any weight on the scale. Sound familiar?

We worked with Candace to focus more on how her body felt and how her clothes were fitting and to stop worrying about that number on the scale.

At the end of the challenge, Candace was down 6% body fat and 11.5 inches! While the scale showed a 4.5 lb loss, she actually had gained 4 lbs of muscle, which means she lost 8.5 lbs of fat! See what happens when we stop focusing on the number on the scale!

Monica, our 3rd place winner, was a little skeptical at the beginning of the challenge. She couldn’t understand how eating more carbs one day and lower the next day would burn fat. But, she was determined to lose the belly fat she gained after recovering from abdominal surgery.

Monica followed our plan to a “T”, worked out in the studio 4 times each week, and was also active the other days doing Pilates and bike riding,

Her dedication to her health really shows! Look at how baggy her shirt is in her after pic! By the end of the 8 weeks, Monica had lost 13.4 lbs, 9 inches, and 2.3% body fat!

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