Group Training

Discover How Women Like You Are Getting Toned, Losing Fat, and Getting Healthier!

Our functional fitness workouts are fun, fast paced interval training workouts for enhanced fitness and fat loss results.  We incorporate functional full body movements using dumbbells, bodyweight exercises, bands and medicine balls in a short 45 minute workout.  Our timed interval circuits allow for all fitness levels to see great results from our program. 

We provide everything you need to reach your goals, you will NEVER walk into the studio without knowing exactly what you are going to do that day. This is not your typical group class, or bootcamp – you get the individualized attention and focus of personal training with the motivation and fun of a support group! The workouts are fun and creative so you will never do the same workout twice, this way you don’t get bored and neither does your body (bored body=plateau in results)!

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