[New Video] Meal Prepping & Planning for Success

I decided to make a quick video on the fly today…. as I was meal planning and prepping for my week. If there is one thing that confuses a lot of people, it’s meal planning and prepping.

In a nutshell, meal planning is planning what you will eat in a given week. I personally plan my breakfasts, lunches and snacks, and fill in what we, as a family, decide on for dinner (I just cook it in a way to meet my goals).

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So, how do I plan my meals?

I choose 1-3 lean protein sources (chicken, pork, and ground turkey are my usual suspects); 1-3 veggies (green beans, broccoli, and asparagus are my to-go’s. Since I have to eliminate FODMAPs, I’m substituting cucumber and carrots for broccoli and asparagus; 1-2 carbohydrate sources (rices, quinoa, Ezekiel bread, potatoes). Then, I combine into meals and snacks.

I also have a high quality protein powder on hand, as well as some nuts for snacking.

Watch my video to see exactly what I’m eating for this week and what I pre-cooked (meal prepped). https://youtu.be/jyDtKWQI3BU

Got questions? I got answers.

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