Sandy Has So Much More Energy! [Member Success Story]

Sandy webName: Sandy
Age: 61
Member Since: August 2017
Biggest Success: Has so much energy, she now runs up the stairs!

Before joining Nerdy Girl Fitness, Sandy tried Weight Watchers and regularly went for long walks, but it wasn’t working. Her clothes weren’t fitting properly, her cholesterol was high and she was on medicine to lower her blood pressure. Not to mention, she was lacked so much energy that just walking up the stairs made her winded.

In just 3 short months after joining Nerdy Girl Fitness, Sandy’s cholesterol dropped by 46 points and she is off of the blood pressure medicine!

“My friends keep telling me how good and happy I look,” said Sandy. “My clothes are baggy and I have so much energy now, I even run up the stairs.”

What would Sandy tell others about Nerdy Girl Fitness: “I am off blood pressure medication, have lost weight, inches and body fat.  I absolutely owe it to Nerdy Girl trainers Patti, Margaret and now Jess!  They work one on one with you to insure you are doing the exercises correctly. I haven’t felt this good in years!”

Congratulations, Sandy! Keep up the good work!

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