How Shannon Got Out of a Rut [Member Success Story]

Shannon2Name: Shannon
Age: 45
Member Since: May, 2016
Biggest Success: Lost over 40 lbs and is no longer pre-diabetic!

Shannon started with Nerdy Girl Fitness during our Summer Slim Down challenge of 2016. “I was stuck in a rut and had no motivation,” said Shannon. “I had no idea where to start.”

Prior to joining our Summer Slim Down Challenge, Shannon had developed bad eating habits while working at home for over 10 years. She regularly went to a big box gym and would walk on the treadmill for over an hour, but never saw any results.

In just 6 short weeks at Nerdy Girl Fitness, Shannon lost 9.4 lbs and 2.8% body fat. But, that was just the beginning. As she continued with Nerdy Girl, the weight, inches, and body fat just kept falling off!

“The support and comradery of others is huge. Seeing other woman in the same shape as me and watching them change has been a huge motivation.”

As of December 2017, Shannon has lost a total of 41.6 lbs, 19 inches, and 7.4% body fat.

What’s been most helpful: “I really think having a food plan and seeing in black and white what I needed to eat was very helpful. Not just 1 carb, 1 veggie but the actual food I needed to consume. When I feel like I have fallen off the wagon and take that challenge packet out and go back on track.”

What would Shannon tell others about Nerdy Girl Fitness: “I can’t believe I have stuck to something so long and actually look forward to exercising. If I can’t make it to a session, I feel really sad that I’m going to miss my workout and my friends! It makes me want to do more…. Like climbing a mountain at 5am.”

Congratulations, Shannon!

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