How Sylvie Went From Frustrated To Svelte [Member Success Story]

Sylvie webName: Sylvie
Age: 52
Member Since: January, 2017
Biggest Success: Lost over 33.5 lbs and A1C’s are at a normal level!

Sylvie started with Nerdy Girl Fitness during our New Year, New You challenge of 2017.

Prior to joining our New Year, New You Challenge, Sylvie would go to the gym, but had no motivation to go, never saw any results and was bored.

In the first 6 weeks at Nerdy Girl Fitness, Sylvie lost 17.5 lbs, 18 inches, and 2.3% body fat. But, that was just the beginning. As she continued with Nerdy Girl, the weight, inches, and body fat just kept falling off!

Not only has Sylvie experienced a total body transformation, but she has a lot more energy now and her A1C’s are normal (meaning she is no longer pre-diabetic)!

As of December 2017, Sylvie has lost a total of 33.5 lbs, 28 inches, and 5% body fat.

How would you say this program is different than others you’ve tried? When I first started, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep up, but this program adapts to all fitness levels unlike other that I have tried in the past.

If someone is debating whether or not to work with us, what would you tell them? Motivation! While part of your motivation has to come from yourself, the ladies at Nerdy Girl will keep you motivated! I feel like we are all in it together! We celebrate each other’s’ successes.

What is something you can do now that you weren’t able to do before you started? I can carry two tires from my car trunk to the garage in one trip! I used to carry only one at a time and stop every few feet!

Congratulations, Sylvie! Keep up the good work!

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