February 19, 2019

What Chardonnay ‘On Tap’ has to do with fitness goals

Since I opened Nerdy Girl Fitness I’ve made it a point to go home for lunch. As a business owner, I have the blessing of being able to do this. My ‘lunch-time’ is also when I take my dogs for a walk in the woods.

Yesterday was no different. I made my daily call to my husband at 12:30 pm to let him know I was on my way home. He excited told me he left me a present in the refrigerator.

I’m thinking he cooked me lunch or left me a little treat.

I opened the refrigerator and literally burst out laughing. He bought me a box of my favorite chardonnay ‘ON TAP’!

I had to chuckle because this was very thoughtful of him and I love that he thought of me. I also caught the irony that the wine was left (accidentally, I’m sure) in front of the big container of spinach. 

This simple act of kindness from my love and best friend got me thinking of how our environments either help or hinder our fitness goals.

I’m the type of trainer that believes in being open and honest. If you’ve ever read my back-story, you know that I was inspired to become a personal trainer (and later a health coach) after losing close to 30 lbs.

I’m also very open and honest about my own health challenges, experiences with emotional eating, and how it took me three years to change my eating habits (which are still a work in progress). No one is perfect. Not even personal trainers.

My approach is very different than other trainers out there that push protein powders, supplements, and hard core workouts.

While those things may work for some, I’d much rather have you focus on changing your habits and getting to the route of the issue in order to achieve the body and health you desire. Oh… and also doing our interval training approach to exercise… but I digress.

OK, so back to my point.

Take a look at your environment. Is your environment set up to help, or hinder, you in achieving the body and health you desire?

When I first set out to lose weight…. I think this was back in 2008 or 2009, I had a chat with my husband about not bringing ‘cakey like substances’ into the house. Cake, cupcake, Hostess anything, cookies, etc. were my downfall. I would turn to ‘cakey like substances’ during times of stress and high emotions. So these things COULD NOT ENTER THE HOUSE.

The one thing that crept back in, not even sure when, was having a glass of wine while I made dinner. Actually, I lied. I do know when…. it was right after my Aspen passed away in May.

See….. honest….

For 2019, I made the decision to only purchase a bottle of wine on a Friday. That way I would get out of the habit of having a glass while I cooked. And, possibly lose the 10 pounds I’ve gained since Aspen passed.

The good new is, I actually had stuck to this for the past month….. But….. I forgot to tell my husband my plan ….whoops.

Hence, the gift of wine on tap.

But, that’s OK. 

You see. We are all a work in progress. No one jumps out of the womb with six pack abs and a craving for chicken and broccoli.

OK, back to my point again.

Take a look at your environment. Are there trigger foods… or wine? Are there more packaged foods then whole foods?

Do you have nightly rituals that perhaps are hindering you from achieving your goals?

Maybe that for you too is a nightly glass of wine. Maybe it’s a bowl of popcorn while you watch your favorite shows. Or, perhaps, you’re a late night muncher after the kids go to bed.

Write down your rituals and work to change them one-by-one.


When you’re ready…. if you need help changing your environment, schedule a Success Session with me to see how we can help.

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